CRIBIS D&B Rating 1 certification for GB SRL


We are proud to announce that CRIBIS D&B, a company specialized in providing business information on Italian and foreign companies, has assigned to us the CRIBIS D&B Rating 1, giving us the maximum level of reliability as a counterparty to a B2B commercial transaction. Rating 1 indicates the highest level of reliability that can be achieved!

Conveyor Belts


The optimization of production also goes through the right internal handling of the goods.

New Injection Machine


Despite the Lockdown we haven’t stopped to do projects for our future. 

Company Enlargement


As part of the efficiency improvement project, GB completed the first step in the renewal of the company layout. 

Automatic Machine


Installation of the first machine equipped with anthropomorphic Robot

Happy Holidays


The GB Management and all the staff wishes you Merry X-MAS and Happy New Year!

11th Rubber Tournament


Again this year we organized and played the usual “Rubber Tournament”, the tennis competition now at its 11th edition

Best Wishes


The GB Management and all the staff wishes you Merry X-MAS and Happy New Year!

GB Party


X-MAS Party with a delicious GB cake !

New injection press


The ongoing improvement is the basis of the company philosophy,

FT-IR spectrometer


The increasing technological complexity of products shows its effects also on the purchasing processes. This makes it difficult for the customer to formulate clear and explicit selection criteria.

GB Party


X-MAS Party with a delicious GB cake !

Best Wishes


The GB Management and all the staff wishes you Merry X-MAS and Happy New Year!

The intellectual era


We are going through an era in which activities are performed with the aid of strong organizational and intellectual elements.