Certifications and Quality

Continued commitment to the customers

GB was accredited in 1998 according to ISO 9001 standards in reward for its continuous commitment to improvement, and in 2009 it obtained certification according to ISO TS 16949 standards. The entire company is committed to maintaining and developing an excellent Quality Assurance System, with state-of-the-art technical instruments and highly skilled human resources.

The company boasts an efficient and qualified laboratory, run by expert technical staff able to consistently guarantee a high level of quality throughout the entire production process.

Product control involves dimensional and visual checks performed at every production phase by expert staff using perfectly adapted equipment. This is backed up by a second level of checks carried out by the departmental staff. These checks are supported by a wealth of documentation that GB makes available in electronic format on its IT system, including the production plans, control plans, supporting documents like catalogues of defects, packaging procedures, and any other information that contributes to guaranteeing optimal efficiency. The entire production process at GB is managed in production batches, and every single batch undergoes visual and/or dimensional checks, using modern automated grading machines where possible, before being transferred to the warehouses. The end products are delivered to customers with UNI EN 10204 certification.

In addition to quality controls, GB has a large internal Research and Development facility devoted not only to continuously improving its existing products, but also to developing new processes for new applications.