Home Appliances

We produce a wide range of seals specifically for the home appliances sector. Our seals can be produced in a wide array of shapes and according to diverse function-based specifications. These include antivibration parts, grommets, joints, O-ring seals and custom parts with different requirements, like i.e. EU 1935/2004 etc.

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GB has been producing rubber parts for the automotive sector for over 30 years. It offers a vast range of articles for applications in sealing system for cooling installations and braking systems, trasmission members and devices and various other components. GB holds ISO TS 16949:2009 certification specific for the automotive sector, and is therefore able to guarantee the highest of quality standards.

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GB produces seals for the gas sector, both for safety applications and pressure control: hybrid metal/rubber obturators, diaphragm seals and static seals. GB works with certified external laboratories to develop high-quality materials that meet customer specificatons.

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Our high level of experience and expertise in the management of manufactoring processes means that we can work with our customers to co-design applications and tecnologies for equipment parts used in a wide range of applications, from design parts to those for safety and biomedical use.

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GB produces a wide range of both static and dynamic sealing solutions, such as O-rings and other specific parts, guide rings, washers for shafts, pistons and rotary shafts, scrapers, valves and cylinders.

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Earth-moving Machinery

GB uses the know-how acquired over years of activity to produce precision components personalised to meet the customer's specific needs. GB offers washers and gaskets for earth-moving machinery of all kinds, seals for any kind of articulated joint, gaskets for hydraulic circuits, seals for oil-pressure valves and washers for cylinder shafts.


GB produces a wide range of seals for pluming, tap and sanitary components. We design functional product solutions for a wide variety of apllications to meet customers demands.


In addiction to components for the sectors already listed, GB manufactures products for the most advanced applications such as cabling, telecommunications and for industry in general.