The GB Group

Innovation, Competence and Experience

Born and still operating in the Bergamo rubber valley, the GB Group is one of the biggest Italian producers of sealing technologies and special design-moulded parts.

The GB Group is made up of three companies, GB, GBS and GBL, that work together closely, though each in its own area of specialisation.


GB with more than 35 years of presence on the market, is a European reference for rubber and thermoplastic parts. GB is accredited according to ISO-TS 16949 standards specific to the automotive sector, and has developed a company philosophy that aims to continuously improve its activities to meet market demands. GB's secret to success relies on several factors:

• Highly qualified staff able to understand the customer's needs and interact with independent laboratories to develop new materials that meet any type of specification.

• A highly efficient company structure, with internal departments responsible for cutting washers, end-trimming lip seals, cutting anti- extrusion rings, production lines for pelleting rubber grades, post-curing facilities.

• a quality control system with ultra-modern video inspection systems for finished parts.


GB is the ideal partner for any company with high-tech, high-quality demands.


GBS has been specialised for over 20 years in designing and building moulds and heat-regulated injection moulding systems for the rubber market, both in Italy and throughout Europe, thanks to its highly qualified technical staff and technologically advanced facilities. Through its efforts to meet ever-increasing customer demands for performance and thanks to its CAD and CAD-CAM 3D software, and high output CNC work stations, GBS is able to manage the entire production cycle, from planning to production of the finished parts.


GBL is the latest addition to the group, and specialises in the production of high and low pressure hydraulic and oil-pressure seals in both rubber and rubber-fabric, as well as various thermoplastic products. Equipped with a varied and complex array of machinery for injection moulding and compression moulding, as well as equipment for end-trimming lip seals, facilities for cutting thermoplastic rings, and cutting and finishing lines for rubberised fabrics, GBL is able to meet the highest levels of performance required. The company is certified according to ISO-TS 16949 standards, with a well-equipped laboratory to ensure that raw materials and finished products meet customer specifications.